In Malta, in the race for Supervisor, Mark Hammond (Republican, Conservative United Malta) defeated Michael Williams (Democratic, Working Families Friends of Malta), 2,360 votes (58 percent)-1,702 votes (42 percent), while John Hartzell (Republican, Conservative United Malta) finished first among the four candidates seeking two Councilmember seats with 2,367 votes. He was followed by Albert Ricci (Republican, Conservative United Malta) with 2,147 votes, Cynthia Young (Democratic, Working Families Friends of Malta) with 1,830 votes and Travis Fealy (Democratic, Working Families Friends of Malta) with 1,578 votes.


Running unopposed in their races were Jennifer Holmes-Golden (Town Clerk) with 2,996 votes, Ellwood Sloat Jr. (Town Justice) with 2,915 votes and Roger Crandall (Highway Superintendent) with 2,953 votes.